360 Business Strategy

we will help you identify growth opportunities

Before you undertake any project or technical development, we review and analyze with you your product, needs and goals through a series of steps.

Following the  analysis phase and based on our team wide experience  and the latest market trends we define, develop and implement your 360 business strategy including product strategy, corporate identity and social reputation, marketing and communication strategy, business development and funding strategy.

Product Strategy

–      Analysis of the technology developed by our client

–      Market, opportunities and risks analysis

–      Potential market applications

–      Selection of your business’ potential market

–      Possible conflicts (distribution channels, suppliers)

Marketing and communication Strategy

–      Marketing plan

–      Communication plan

–      Enhance the image of the trademark, quality and services

–      Define their positioning

–      increasing knowledge of their technology in the market

–      facilitating the commercial work of their products

Business development

–      Advice and definition of the business strategy and development in U.S..

–      Road map

–      Identification of key sectors, companies and players

–      Permanent advice until getting your goals

Funding strategy

–      Connect with investors

–      Benchmark funding activity

–      Provide investors contacts

–      Manage Funding Search Process

  •  Assistance to meetings with investors
  • Assistance and advice throughout the process of negotiation and formalization

“We make management more creative and creativity more profitable”

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